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Healthcare powered by blockchain

Disrupting healthcare with smart contracts


DeFi has revolutionized finance with Decentralized Applications (DApps) that rely on smart contracts and algorithms instead of centralized entities such as banks, brokerages, or centralized exchanges. 

DXMD applies the same principles as DeFi to Digital Health. DXMD is a Web 3.0 Virtual Care Ecosystem that combines the security and HIPAA-compliance of centralized telehealth and EHR providers with smart contracts and blockchain technology in healthcare.

DXMD has a freelance model for providers with much lower fees (10% compared to 60-80% for competitors), in order to increase growth and access; particularly in underserved & impoverished communities.


The company's core team is composed of experienced physician leaders and talented engineers from well-known American healthcare and tech companies. The team has already built a functional Virtual Care Platform on Solana.


Our Supporters

We're proud to announce that we're already backed by one of the most prominent name in crypto, Solana Foundation, and we're just getting started. Stay tuned for more upcoming partnerships and investments.


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With DXMD, you can

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Launch Your Own Virtual Practice On Blockchain

Build your own decentralized HIPAA-compliant virtual practice in a matter of seconds. Set your own rates and schedule. Get paid automatically on the blockchain.


Book an Appointment with a Provider & Pay with Crypto

Get easy access to providers and consultants worldwide on a decentralized platform. Book an appointment, pay on the blockchain, attend a secure HIPAA-compliant video visit.  

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Make HIPAA-compliant Blockchain Payments

Most blockchain transactions are not private. DXMD Private has a transaction algorithm that makes blockchain payments HIPAA-compliant without being a privacy coin.


HIPAA-Compliant Payment Algorithm

DXMD is applying smart contracts to make the process of healthcare payments between patients, governments, hospitals, insurance companies, and providers a lot faster and more efficient. The problem with traditional blockchain transactions is that they are not HIPAA-compliant as wallet addresses are public. DXMD Private addresses this problem with a proprietary algorithm that breaks up on-chain transactions in order to shield specific patient-provider transactions to make Solana-based transactions HIPAA-compliant.

Beta Features

Our Blockchain Competitors

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Decentralizing Doctor Visits Securely 

DXMD Live Beta Brings Virtual Care On Chain


Features of Current Beta: 

  • Offering the same functionality and security as traditional virtual care platforms but built & operating on Solana

  • Secure provider and patient portals

  • Secure HIPAA-compliant patient databases

  • Creating appointments on-chain with Solana      

  • Booking appointments on-chain with Solana      

  • Secure video conferencing between correct patients and providers based on on-chain and off-chain data      

  • Successful transactions and fees via settled on the blockchain via smart contracts through the Phantom wallet

DXMD YouTube Demo

DXMD Tokenomics:
Smart Engineering


Proposed Structure:

  • Will serve as utility token for healthcare transactions

  • Will be functional from day 1

  • Will have a fixed supply

  • Will be deflationary as fees from the platform will be used to burn $DXMD

  • Will provide a 25% discount on fees

  • Will grow in value as the platform usage grows

  • Will be used for DAO governance and voting

  • Will be used for staking rewards


DXMD Token Uses

DXMD is designed to be a utility token only. The core of the DXMD token is functionality on the DXMD Platforms. Below are some examples of DXMD token's potential utility in the future. 


Virtual Care Platform

DXMD token is designed to power the DXMD Virtual Care Platform and medical smart contracts between patients, doctors, hospitals, researchers, and governments in order to increase efficiency in health care. DXMD Virtual Care has much lower fees than centralized corporations with more control given to patients and providers. Virtual Care Beta is now live at



Electronic Health Records

DXMD EHR is an ambitious DApp that aims to compete with traditional enterprise EHRs but with much lower costs. The software currently stores data from a virtual care appointment in a combination of secure HIPAA-compliant databases and on-chain on the Solana network. 

EHR Beta is now live at


Staking Rewards

DXMD token will be used as a reward to those staking DXMD. Staking is a way for the treasury to reward the loyal hodlers of the DXMD token. The rewards come from fees generated by the platform which are collected by the DXMD Treasury.


DAO Governance

DXMD's goal is to operate as a DAO and be a completely decentralized community-driven project. As a result, DXMD token will serve as the governance token and voting token for different proposals. Democracy is a core value of DXMD and a necessity for success. 


Health Data Market

Currently, patient health data is very centralized. The goal of DXMD's Health Data Platform is to serve as a decentralized database and marketplace where individuals can sell access to specific parts of their medical data directly to buyers such as researchers or pharmaceutical companies. 


DApp Network Fees

DXMD token is designed to power medical DApps on the DXMD Network. Any developer will be able to launch a medical DApp on the network. DXMD token will be used to power the smart contracts between different parties within DApps. 


Data Storage Fees

Decentralized storage of medical data in a secured encrypted manner, while allowing fast retrieval and minimal loss will be an integral part of the future of DXMD. DXMD token will serve as reward to file IPFS file storage providers for storing medical data in a verified decentralized manner.


P2P Health Insurance

Just like peer-to-peer DeFi lending is challenging traditional lending by banks, and insurance on the blockchain  is growing, DXMD's peer-to-peer health insurance aims to disrupt health insurance. DXMD token will help power these insurance smart contracts.


Physician Database

DXMD token will power the DXMD Physician database where everything from credentialing to physician recruitment can be streamlined with decentralization. Recruiters will be able to post openings via DXMD token.

Home: Token Uses
YouTube Demo


Below is a roadmap of what we are working towards and hope to work on in the future. It is worth noting that blockchain industry and blockchain regulations are rapidly changing so our roadmap is in no way a guarantee of products, just a roadmap of what we hope to work towards. 


Problems with Centralized Vendors


Centralized Data 

While health care data belongs to patients, the data is currently centralized and in the hands of a few corporations. For example, 3 companies control 75% of the patient data in the acute care market. This centralization leads to security risk and hacks with more than 235 hacks on hospitals and and more than $100 Million in ransom paid out. (Reference)


Employed Model

Telehealth vendors operate on a centralized employed model rather than freelance model; limiting the growth of their platforms. Additionally, the employed model becomes expensive when considering licensing into consideration as a vendor can hire too many doctors in California but not enough in New York.


Expensive Fees

Traditional employed model leads to very expensive fees per visit for doctors. Physicians are not able to set their own rates but rather forced into corporate-controlled rates.

Typical Patient Cost: $67-$119

Typical Physician Pay: $23-$28 Fees charged by centralized Virtual Care Corporations: 60-80%



Below we’ve provided some info on how we work, our technology, and our token in general.

Do you have a demo?

Yes, we have a live beta operating on Solana. You can launch our beta at

Is DXMD environmentally friendly?

Yes, DXMD is environmentally friendly. DXMD is based on environmentally friendly Proof of Stake (PoS) technology and new Proof of History (PoH), not Proof of Work (PoW) technology which could use a lot of energy.

Did DXMD have an ICO or IFO or PreSale?

No, there has been no ICO, IFO, or Presale of any sort. 

What network does DXMD run on currently? 

DXMD currently operates on the Solana Blockchain. Given the relatively high costs of transactions on the Ethereum network, DXMD developers have opted for developing on alternative network since the goal of DXMD is to lower costs and make health care more accessible and affordable. We think Solana is a great fit for DXMD given the fast transactions, low of transactions, and ability to scale on the platform. DXMD is still in development and the team is always evaluating the latest in blockchain technology in order to improve the platform and network. 

Where is DXMD token available?

DXMD token is not yet available for sale on any exchange. However, listing on different exchanges is on our roadmap and we're working towards it. We hope to have news soon. So follow us on one of social links to get updates.

Is there a whitepaper or litepaper?

Yes, we have a litepaper available with more information. 


Join The Decentralized Medicine Movement

We are rapidly expanding our team and looking for individuals who are passionate about blockchain technology and medicine to join our team. Please contact us below if you're interested. 


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Help us build a better future by making medical software more affordable, transparent, and decentralized. 

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